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Hi! I'm copy editing the second edition of Dahmer Detective, because the first one (as you probably noticed) is riddled with copy errors. I bought it as a "fan," having wanted something like this for years, was very upset about the quality, and wrote to complain. The publisher and secondary author offered me the gig, which I happily accepted (this is the most fun job I've had in years!). I'm trying to get some extra stuff added, some footnotes to clarify things, etc. So keep an eye out in 2017!

I actually haven’t read Dahmer Detective yet. That is very cool! It sounds like a dream job. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the edited version next year.

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The Month of October - The Worst of the Worst   ;;   22 / 31

From a young age, Jeffrey Dahmer had an erotic attraction to viscera, internal organs and dismemberment. The texture, sounds and sensations of running his fingers over the abdomen and the flesh within was sexually arousing to him, specifically those of dead attractive men.

Dahmer had his first brush with death at only eighteen years old in 1978 when he strangled eighteen year old hitchhiker Steven Hicks. Even after masturbating over Hick’s corpse, Dahmer vowed never to kill again and instead sated his lust by drugging and raping men he met in gay bathhouses and clubs. He wanted total dominance and control that came with an unconscious partner. This soon transitioned to a lover who could not wake, a dead man.   

Over the course of his thirteen year killing spree, seventeen boys and men were murdered by Dahmer. He committed acts of necrophilia on their corpses and on at least one occasion, cannibalism. On victims Errol Lindsey and Jeremiah Weinberger, Dahmer attempted to make “living zombies” by drilling holes into their skulls while they were unconscious. In Lindsey’s brain he injected muriatic acid and in Weinberger’s he injected boiling water. The experiments predictably failed with Lindsey being strangled to death by Dahmer and Weinberger succumbing to his wounds two days after the mutilation. 

Dahmer was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in May of 1992. Dahmer was killed by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver on the 28th of November, 1994 at the age of thirty four.

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